tirsdag 28. februar 2017

Mentoring by theme (February) - 'Rustic'

Tird theme: Rustic (open to enterpretation)

After a googlesearch on ‘Rustic’ it seemed to me it all was about romantic countryside, or «my sweet home” accessories. That was not at all what came into my mind when I read the word ‘Rustic’
I thought of metal (maybe it was because of the resemblance of ‘rust’)… And I knew I wanted it to be a graphic design. And I love/hate the Norwegian “hytte” (cabin) style, a style that had it’s variants in my childhood home in the 70’s. A retro nationalromantic look of black/wrought iron and woven textiles on the walls. It’s nostalgic to me.
So I found an object I have from that period, and tried to make it contemporary yet still old/rustic. 

The pictures are supposed to be one unit/feature on the wall.

I did not use a flash, because I thought that would be too much contrast and shadow (where I didn’t need them. Instead I used a lamp on some of them to make contrast and shadow the way I wanted. 

mandag 30. januar 2017

Photography by theme: January- Entrance

Second theme - 'Entrance'. (Open to interpretation).

I quite early decided an interpretation for «entrance». I was hoping for a model to use as I thought about entering the mind…. My hope was capturing portraits and locations finding the deeper thoughts and secrets. We all have a darker side hidden in our mind, and that’s what I’m hoping to find in the pictures. And later in the prosess as I worked with the material, it became clear to me that I had to make it a story.

0_The first picture is the mind, and the state of it. Entering it…
1_The second one, where is the mind? It’s entering something up the staircase, where is the mind taking me? I like the bright spotlight of the window, and the narrow stairway going up there to this enclosed place.
2_The third picture is telling something more about what’s up there, or what she has on store for her. Is the shadow watching out for her, or is he a threatening figure?
3_The last picture I wanted to use the captivating appearance of the building wall. The two souls entering and/or facing a destiny, and the same time they are anonymous people in the story.
I wanted everything to be dark, and in a way intimidating, intrusive and claustrophobic.
But the portrait starting the “journey” needed some spotlight so I could portrait her mood and state of mind.

The weather was cold, about -2-4 degrees Celsius, a clear day, but not very sunny.

PS! Siden dette ble en "story" kjente jeg at det passet med å lage en liten film av bildene.
(Filmen er ikke en del av evalueringen...)

lørdag 31. desember 2016

Photography by theme: December - Pairs

First theme - 'Pairs'. (Open to interpretation.)

An easy task it seemed. But then it wasn't. 

The first picture I took at home in my Livingroom. I set up objects in the window a cloudy day. And I played with reading light lamps, and with depth and sharpness, and with the fixed lense. 

The next two pictures are from a trip in the city. The day was cloudy, with little or no sun. And i know that I have a challenge with getting the light. 
At first I was looking for a theme, trying to think of what I wanted pairs to be about. I ended up shouting The tree of love (the heart lights in the tree) and went out of my comfort zone by asking people if I could take a picture of them for my project.  I like that it looks kind of dark, with little colours, just the hearts telling what it’s all about. Love. I hope the pictures are kind of close/intimate in a way. And if I should let the story tell more, I think the branches from the tree is the darkness we should be aware of, because love is fragile, and is important to maintain :-) 

The swans tell the story of love in their every move. I like that it’s not cliché portraits wirh the sunset in the background. But I hoped for the shot to have been taken from at better angle, where I could have been in better level of the waterline. Maybe it could have been even sharper? 
But I hope not to fall in the “HDR-trap”, but try to stick with or stay true to my own expression.

Photography mentoring by theme

Da er jeg i gang med litt fotografering i gjen, etter en lenger tørkeperiode. Denne gang er kurset over et halvt år, der vi får et nytt tema hver måned. Skal prøve å legge inn det jeg har gjort etterhvert.
Her ser dere linken til kurset: